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How does China handbag factory to manage bulk production quality and catch schedule strictly

How does China handbag factory to manage bulk production quality and catch schedule strictly

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China handbag factory
China handbag factory

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Now let me tell you how we manage bulk production quality and catch schedule strictly:

First part talk about quality:

1) while we get a inquiry from buyer,we will quote reference price based on pictures or original toiletry bag sample,source the similar quality material for selection,we submit high/middle/cheap totally not less than three levels quality at the same time,difference quality with not same price,and the color card for choose,this kind of way will give us much chance to get this order,as we can offer lots of versions quality and colors for designer selection,I am sure you will happy after get my this feedback,I support you to develop material and styling which is much helpful to our business.

2)after buyer confirm all the material and sample details,we will book bulk material according to our standard,make a official order to supplier,and signed confirmed PU leather also mark what are the special note: such as all the material should environmental,without color shade...

China handbag factory

3)during material production,we will go to supplier's factory to take inspection,try the find the difference between the confirmed standard sample and solve all the problem,to ensure we can get the best quality material,this is the basic work so that we can go into bags production step smoothly...

4)after all the material back to ware house,we will arrange production department to sewing a new pre-production sample for our approval,to see whether there is a new problem happen,if there is ok,we will start our production at once.

5)from cutting,sewing,assembling,packing...every step we have our own QC to control the quality,we inspect it 100%,once find some quality problem we will return to previous step or pick out it.

6)we also have QA to go around workshops,to check quality in any time any where.

7)once we find there is some problem,we will manage it by ourself,such as oil mark,thread end not case there is some problem we cann't deal with it,for example,color shade of the pu leather,will will take pictures or send samples for buyer approval until every details is prefect.

Second part is the timeline:

This is the very important to handbag buyer and supplier,both of us should pay more attention to it,as only in this way that we can fulfil the whole project properly.

1) it's better we can control only in 1 or 2 rounds from beginning to confirm bags sample and material,china handbag factory should have a better understanding what buyer think and wanted,and do better than he request,that we can reduce sample making time for production,I am sure production term will thanks both of us in this step. As we know,sample making should take us 3-5 days,and the express will 3 days,that means one round sample making will spend us 8-10 days at least,if we should make second round sample,it means will take us 20-25 days for confirm every details.

2)and the production leadtime is based on handbag order quantity and styling,normally will take us 20 - 30 days,we will advise buyer's QC to take inspection before delivery.

Because we control the quality have a very strict rules,so that we can running sample making and production smoothly,if without good quality,timeline is you agree with me???

If you have a good suggestion,please feel free to let me know,we will give you much thanks and improve our work better and better,do you think we are very professional over handbag production industry??? I am sure you would like to try to do business with us,as we take care our orders as our children,willing to hear from you soon.

Thanks for your time to read my blogger...

We promise:
1) we reply to your email within 24 hours.
2) simple style sampling will only take us 3-5 days, for complicated styles such as need to open mold will around 7-10 days.
3) Production less than 30 days once got deposit.
4) 100% piece by piece control quality by our QC before shipment.
5) we guarantee all the goods quality problem which made by us.

Best regards,
Venus Wu

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