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Your first business trip to China Suggestion first time visit China handbag factory

1) Before come to China,we need to know some general circumstances about China.You can source some information over google,newspaper,TV,internet,friends in China and so on...

*** China is a big country,and have a very lot of people,have lots of big developed city along sea,such as Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Hongkong,etc.

*** China is very safe country,it's totally no need to worry about the safety problem.

*** People here is very friend,but not so many people can speak English skillful,o/c if you are in big city like Shenzhen,lots of young people can speak English with you.

*** Weather should considering the season and which part of China,such as Sprint in Southern is warm but lot of raining days,while summer is very hot in Shenzhen,Autumn is cool while winter is very cold in Beijin,so before you come to China,you need to know about the weather in advance.

2) After get some idea about China,then we should preparing some necessary work:cloth,handbags,mobile (accessories),Passport (case),VISA,ID card (holder),Money (bags),Storage box,and it's better to ask some friend in China to pick you up from airport and book hotel for you.And it's better to know your Embassy's contact details if necessary.

3) Make a details of your schedule,such as from which date you arrival China and then which date to visit which China handbag factory,and finally which date to leave China,and we should discuss this schedule with China handbag supplier,so that we can have a good journey correctly.

4) After above works,then we can book air ticket,I wish you can have a good trip in China,if you want to know more about us,you can visit our, or if you want to have more inquiry,please feel free to send email to me at

I wish to make friends all over the world,welcome to visit Shenzhen,China,thanks for you time...

Best regards,
Venus Wu

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